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 * Full Day Pre-School Program

 * Music Program



Age: 8 months-6 years old

Open: Monday -Friday 7am-6pm


The Program Includes:    


* Sing  Songs  &  Movement for Music        

* Play quality percussion instruments          

* Story Time & Rhymes                                 

* Letters, Numbers –Recognize, Write         

* Color, Shape -Recognize                             

* Language Art & Dramatic Play                  

* Arts & Crafts                                               

* Math                                                              

* Science                                           

* Physical Exercise                                           

* Gardening, Planting Seeds                                              * Outdoor Activities                        

* Introduction to Musical Instruments 

* Introduction to the Music Alphabet

* Working on the Beat and Rhythm

* Working on Basic Piano Skills                    

* Ear Training

* Listening to Musical Stories

* Listening to Classical Music

* Biography of Classical Composers

* Holiday Celebration with learning songs

* Learning Manners

* Creating Habits

* Building Routines

* Great Selection of Percussion Instruments

* Great Selection of Toys,  Games  & Puzzles 



Musical Child Care is located in a quiet and nice neighborhood in Encino.


The primary goal of Musical Child Care program is to create a safe, clean, loving, warm, caring and stimulating environment that will encourage the children to learn and explore.


Our special journey is to incorporate music in everyday life. Through the program children are learning unique, memorable educational and holiday songs. Children will play simple percussion instruments. Movement activities include steady beat, creative and expressive movement. Ear training, focused listening activities through variety of sound and music from the environment. They learn about musical instruments, listening to musical stories, classical music.


We believe, that in early childhood education quality music is an everyday spiritual food that every child deserves to experience. We want to see your child laughing, happy, and enjoying their day, while involved in academically stimulating age-appropriate activities. Eating home made healthy and nutritious food, create routine, build great habits and learn manners for life.


We build the children's self-esteem, help them to be emotionally balanced, self-confident, intellectually curious and share their time with others.


As we all know,   MUSIC EDUCATION BUILDS children's self-confidence, increases self-esteem, teaches self-discipline, encourages creativity and cooperation, and bridges differences between cultures, time periods and socioeconomic groups.


We believe, the MUSIC is always there as a Best Friend to cheer the children up!


We would like to introduce YOUR CHILD to the MAGIC OF MUSIC and get connected with this Best friend! - daycare - preschool - Kindermusik - Encino
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